Support for Parents

Most students benefit from their parents' support... but who is supporting their parents?

What would you like to be easier?

Brain Gym® Consultations
On-going stress and busy daily lives can be more than many parents can manage. Luckily, Brain Gym® is not only a program to prepare students for learning. Brain Gym® is a program of easy physical movements that synchronize body and mind to optimize how we learn and perform in all areas of our lives.

"For parents seeking a resource to help their children, Brain Gym® is a win-win-win. The children get the tools and support they need to get their body/brain connections working better, the parents get these same benefits from doing the activities and movements with their children, and the parent/child relationship is strengthened by the time spent together doing the activities."
— Pam Leo, Author of Connection Parenting

Bright Moves offers private Brain Gym consultations. As a licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant, Becky Holt works with individuals who wish to improve how they manage and perform in all areas of their lives.

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Holistic Health Counseling
Becky Holt is also a Holistic Health Counselor and offers programs for parents to improve theirs and their family's eating habits.

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Once your brain and body are working together, you'll have more energy to meet your needs and your child's.

  • Stay calm and confident in stressful situations.
  • Experience a lasting increase in your energy and vitality.
  • Make simple lifestyle changes. Be healthy on the go.
  • Enhance memory, concentration, focus, or positive thinking.
  • Feel secure in integrating better food into yours and your family's diet.
  • Take the pressure off and acknowledge your daily accomplishments.
  • Feel more confident about what is new and good in your life and feel more optimistic!

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