The Brain Gym® Program for Optimal Learning in Tutoring

Studying something new or difficult can slow our brainpower and our learning. Stress makes learning inefficient at best since it stops the blood flow between the brain's two hemispheres. The body is left with one brain hemisphere and an apparent lack of focus or motivation. Learning needs to be a whole brain activity.

How can we get the whole brain activated again?

Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) studies the use of movement to re-educate the mind/body system to accomplish any skill or function with greater ease and efficiency. Brain Gym applies the theory of Edu-K into a hands-on program.

The Brain Gym® Program:

  • addresses the physical rather than the mental components of learning
    Brain Gym activities open the tutoring session to prepare the student's brain for learning and focus his/her attention. Specific movements are used to enhance reading, writing, spelling, math, communication and organization skills. Other movements to alleviate stress can be used as well. During the tutoring session, if a student loses focus, Brain Gym activities are done to regain it. New neural pathways are created to make focusing, comprehending and centering more automatic over time.
  • activates the brain and body in three dimensions
    The Brain Gym movements intentionally awaken the body's in its three dimensions: left/right, up/down, and forward/back. The movements activate the brain's centers for comprehension, organization, and, focus. As the movements integrate the brain, learning is easier.
  • includes a simple teaching format
    The Brain Gym program assumes the learner already works at his/her best. It meets the learner just as he/she is, without any judgment of capabilities. It teaches the student how one learns that he/she will be able to apply to learning. This self-directed system allows the student to keep pace with his/her individual learning needs. This builds self-esteem, knowing that one can support oneself to master needed skills.

Brain Gym benefits the student, including:

  • the ability to learn and function at top efficiency
  • increased self-esteem
  • the ability to harness motivation
  • skills to identify, avoid and relieve stress
  • increased awareness of and respect for one's own intelligence, body and personal space
  • unique self-help tools for learning and performance

Brain Gym®: a registered trademark [Educational Kinesiology Foundation].

Source: Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. The Dominant Brain, 1997.

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