The HANDLE® Screening Program

A Neurological Assessment Tool for Learning Efficiency

Some learners have perplexing behaviors that keep them from learning at their intellectual potential. The HANDLE Screening Tool was designed to be used for those, 6 years and older, with mild learning and behavioral challenges.

As a Certified HANDLE Screener, Rebecca conducts a short assessment based on information from an intake form and a screening. The screening asks the client to perform a series of tasks designed to check his or her processing ability. Some of the areas checked include: auditory sequential memory, eye teaming and tracking, differentiation, balance, muscle tone, and sensory integration. The goal of the screening is to discover which sensory systems may be contributing to academic, work and behavioral difficulties or which may impede future learning.

Rebecca then creates a neurodevelopmental profile and develops a short program of deceptively simple HANDLE movement activities that help to strengthen and integrate neurological processing. The movements help the brain to organize and process information more efficiently, which leads to improvements such as better attention and focus, increased ability to follow instructions or to sit still, enhanced visual ability for tracking and for changing focus from near to far; strengthened impulse control and better handwriting.

Rebecca may also offer nutritional recommendations to enhance the brain's functioning, along with suggestions for compensatory measures that the client may wish to employ for a time while working on his or her program. In addition, Rebecca may recommend specific complementary therapies.

If the results of the screening show that the scope of the client's needs are beyond the parameters of a screening program, Rebecca may recommend a full HANDLE assessment and treatment program. In that case, 10% of the cost of the full program will be credited to the client, up to but not exceeding the cost of the screening.

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